259-B Barnett, Medford, OR 97501 (in the Winco Center)

Our Services

Pricing of all sewing projects can be unique as to the nature of the project.
The Alteration Center is always willing to give free estimates of your sewing needs.
Come on in and talk to any of the seamstresses at the
Alteration Center for your free price quotes to your sewing needs.

Sewing & Alterations • Formal Wear • Bridal Gowns
Suits for Men/Women • Hems & Zippers • Custom Fit
Patches & Buttons • Prom Dresses • Flower Girls Dresses
Complimentary Fittings and Measurements!

Pillow Cases • Chair Cushions & More!
Quality, Guaranteed Workmanship!

If you have a custom sewing need please call us at: 541-772-8535

or Fax us at: 541-773-5814